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The Ayushi Bhatia Case

Ayushi Bhatia case is one of the most striking case revealing how rape laws are being misused in India

Just 21 years old, Ayushi Bhatia filed 9 Rape cases on 9 different men at 9 police stations - all within one year across Gurgaon. In all of these rape cases she alleged that the man (also in age bracket of 20-24) raped her by giving her a false promise of marriage. Some of these men got arrested and spent months behind bars before getting bail. Ayushi had met these men in gym, on dating apps, in courts - basically anywhere. Within few days of acquaintance she went to a hotel with them, had consensual sex and then cried Rape. In some cases, there was no sexual relationship at all but she still filed rape case.

In September 2021, I was approached by Mahesh, a man Ayushi trapped and got married to by threats of a rape case. He was suicidal and sought my help to get out of the mess he had gotten into.

I investigated the case, gathered all the documents and details of cases filed by Ayushi and filed a complaint with DGP Haryana and State Women Commission Haryana

A special investigative team was then formed on the orders of DGP Haryana and it was found that Ayushi was filing these cases in order to extort money. Her mother was also supporting her in this. Two FIRs under extortion and other criminal offences were registered against Ayushi, her mother and her uncle.

Ayushi Bhatia was arrested in December 2021 led by arrest of her mother sometime later. High Court of Punjab & Haryana rejected her bail post which she had to approach Supreme Court for bail. She got bail after a year in Jail and is right now under trial in the cases. Her mother got bail from Punjab & Haryana HC.

As of date, all the men who Ayushi accused of Rape have either been given clean chit by the police or acquitted by the Court.


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