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Shiv Kumar

A poor, frail man from Delhi, Shiv Kumar approached me through an acquaintance in 2015. He had been in a matrimonial litigation with his wife since almost a decade. His wife left him when he met with a fatal accident causing brain injuries. She thought he would die but he survived. It had not even been few days since he met with this life threatening accident that his wife filed a false dowry case on him. Her grudge was that she didn't want him to take care of his aged mother or his younger sister and spend only on her and their child. Even in his worst times, she never cared for him. Shiv Kumar was then diagnosed with Cancer and had a paralytic attack too. His wife filed a maintenance case on him and he was ordered to pay maintenance even though he couldn't even walk. Since Shiv Kumar couldn't work and was extremely poor to even afford his medicines, he was unable to pay either for his wife or the child. He did approach the court with all his medical records from AIIMS but got no relief. Due to the pending amounts of maintenance, he was thrown in Tihar Jail twice for not paying the money to his wife. In 2017, knowing well that this man will hardly get any respite from this never ending ordeal, I crowdfunded the Alimony amount which his wife had demanded to spare him. We raised 5 Lacs for him post which he was granted Divorce from his wife Shiv Kumar is still dealing with a lot of health issues but he's now able to atleast live a life free of constant harrassment and torture Vipul Narkar Vipul Narkar was acquitted from a rape case filed by his stepdaughter after spending 7 years in Jail for a crime he did not commit Vipul had married a woman who was separated from her husband. He not only took care of her but her grown up kids too. He bought a property in her name so that they can lead a happy life. All hell broke lose however when he objected to her stepdaughter's affair with a boy and saw them in his house. The girl accused him of rape after that and he was immediately arrested. He was acquitted after 7 years as not a shred of evidence was found against him. Infact, the house he bought for his wife was sold off by them and she went back to her previous husband along with children I got in touch with Vipul through his advocate on the day this news appeared. Vipul didn't have a phone, no money, no roof to take shelter under. I immediately got him a phone, got his bank account opened, arranged a temporary place for him to stay and then crowdfunded money for him so that he could restart his life. Vipul Narkar is today leading a life of dignity in Mumbai


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